World Oceans Day 2018!

Happy World Oceans Day! 


While you might show the Ocean some love everyday for all it does for us - soaking up 30% of our CO2, and providing food and shelter for so many creatures - today you can make an extra effort to "pay it forward" to the seas.

Here are a few easy ways you can make a little (or BIG!) impact on the underwater ecosystem today and everyday.

1) BYO / Bring your Own! 

As you’ve been hearing frequently in the news lately, the ocean is filling up with plastic, and pretty soon there will be much more plastic than fish in the ocean.

So it’s a no-brainer to REDUCE - and REUSE - the plastic in your life! The ways you can do that are pretty easy if you plan ahead: just BYO (Bring your own) shopping bag, coffee cup, water bottle, and even spork! You never know when you might need it.

Here are some of my latest favorites:







The coolest raincoats I've seen this side of the Atlantic: all "Insane in the Rain" jackets are made from 17-23 recovered recycled bottles. A Lisbon-based company doing all sorts of good; get in on the Good Vibes! 

(I have the polka-dot one! ;) 

2) Participate in a local beach clean-up.

As mentioned before - the seas are filling up with our trash. So let's pick some out of there! It can be fun - particularly with kids - and you'd be amazed what your might find. There are thankfully lots and lots of organizations popping up all around the world running fun beach clean-ups!

-Portugal: check out Straw Patrol for events. 

-USA: check out Clean Seas or Speak up For Blue, or even Loneliest Whale for events.  

-Other international efforts can be found through the Ocean Conservancy!  

And just for fun: track the trash you collect with Clean Swell!

3) Treat yourself to a Sustainable Seafood feast! 

It's both healthy and enjoyable to eat fish - particularly if you can relax in knowing where and how the fish was sourced. While currently 90% of seafood in the USA is imported (with other similarly shockingly high percentages around the world,) it's important to support our local fishing communities and eat what's locally caught.

Use my "Local Heroes" guide to locate restaurants and fishmongers with responsibly-soured seafood near you! 

Some tips for your tasting menu: 

-To start, focus on a local steamed shellfish like garlicky Clams or mussels. Unbeatable! 

-Follow with a grilled, locally under-represented fish, like Porgy, Bluefish in the USA, or "Carapau" (Horse Mackerel in Portugal,) as your main course.

-Seaweed makes a great side salad!

Now delight in the deliciousness of happier fish! 

A responsibly-sourced feast from  Greenpoint Fish & Lobster , Brooklyn, NY

A responsibly-sourced feast from Greenpoint Fish & Lobster, Brooklyn, NY

Happy World Oceans Day!