Eating fish is delicious, especially when it's local, fresh & from a sustainable source...

Traveling throughout Portugal this year, I've been delving into the world of the local seafood, researching and finding out which species are the best choices to eat, and which should be spared: placed on standby while their stocks recover. 




Let me know if you're interested in purchasing a print of one of the fish!

I am ALWAYS happy to share the seafood love. 

And you can take The FISH guide with you...


With your

handy-dandy, wallet-sized,

Best Fish Forward-created

Portuguese fish guide you'll be ready to face any menu!

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Ordering Fish in Portugal

You might feel intimidated to strike up a conversation with your waiter or fishmonger in a foreign country, but do not fear: Best Fish Forward is here to help you on your journey! It's always best to ask some questions about your seafood before your start chowing down...


Questions to Ask your Portuguese Fishmonger, Waiter, or Fish-Serving friends:

  1. What fish do you recommend/ what is most fresh? -- Que peixe você recomenda / o que é mais fresco?

  2. Was this fish caught locally? -- Este peixe foi pescado localmente?

  3. Do you know how was this fish caught? -- Como esse peixe foi capturado?

If they don't know the answers to these questions, you might want to think twice about ordering fish tonight... 

Now: hit the beautifully tiled streets & enjoy your responsibly-sourced local seafood in Portugal! 

Bom Apetite!