Dock to Dish 2.0: Kickstarter Launch!

I was lucky enough to write an piece for Edible about Dock to Dish's exciting Kickstarter launch! Here's a snippet: 

Evolving their concept for the digital age, local sustainable seafood distributor Dock to Dish is combatting these murky supply chain waters by teaming up with Google’s Global Fish Watch program. By adopting the latest technologies of ship-tracking and mapping, (with FishTrax and Pelagic Data Systems,) their daily catch will become digitally traceable, so both chefs and consumers can tap in online to follow their seafood’s journeys from boat to dinner plates through an innovative system dubbed “Dock to Dish 2.0.” The Kickstarter campaign to put this sophisticated technology into motion begins today, March 1, and Dock to Dish hopes to make theirs a model for all seafood systems, working towards a more transparent fishing industry.

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